Introduction: Yinlun TDI LLC acknowledges its social responsibility in the global marketplace. That responsibility demands adherence to principles that protect the well-being of employees throughout our Supply Chain. These principles span the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption and are accepted world-wide. They are consistent with and in some cases derived from following foundational treatises:

  • The United Nations Global Compact
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The Global Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility
  • The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work o The United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Social responsibility is an inescapable element of the long-term success of our company, just as it is for our stakeholders, business partners, employees and our customers. A plan for true sustainability requires not only good global citizenship but that we be competitive and remain so in the long term.

The following principles are followed by Yinlun TDI LLC worldwide. This documentation of Corporate Social Responsibility beliefs and expectations notifies every organization and individual in our Yinlun TDI LLC network, that they are expected to adhere to these practices.

  1. Human Rights: Our human rights policy is consistent with the Core Convention of International Labour Organization and we comply with all internationally recognized human rights standards at all our sites.
  2. Forced Labor: Yinlun TDI LLC condemns all forms of forced and compulsory labor. Suppliers will not use forced or involuntary labor, whether bonded, prison or indentured, including debt servitude.
  3. Child Labor: Yinlun TDI LLC supports the effective abolition of exploitative child labor. Suppliers will not employ individuals in violation of local mandatory school age or under the legal employment age in each country where they operate. In no case will suppliers employ non-family workers under the age of 15.
  4. Harassment and Discrimination: Yinlun TDI LLC and Suppliers will uphold equal opportunities with respect to employment and will refrain from discrimination in any form unless national law expressly provides for selection according to specific criteria. Discrimination against employees based on gender, race, disability, origin, religion, age or sexual orientation is not acceptable.
  5. Freedom of Association: Yinlun TDI LLC and Suppliers will respect the right of all workers and all employers to form and join groups for the promotion and defense of their occupational interests. During organization campaigns the company and the executives will remain neutral; the trade unions and the company will comply with basic democratic principles, ensuring the employees ability to make a free decision.
  6. Working Conditions: Yinlun TDI LLC is opposed to all exploitative working conditions.
  7. Protection of health and safety: Yinlun TDI LLC, as a responsible employer, take the health and safety of our employees very seriously. We are proud to have an outstanding record of safety in our work places, but we remain vigilant and track our accident incident rate as a key performance indicator, with the goal of reducing to as low a level as reasonably practical. Suppliers will ensure health and safety at the workplace to a level no less than required by national legislation and supports the continuous improvement of working conditions.
  8. Compensation: Suppliers will honor the right to reasonable compensation of a level no less than the legally established minimum-wage and the local job market, based on local laws and regulations. Within the scope of national legislation, suppliers will respect the principle of “equal pay for work of equal value.”
  9. Working hours: Suppliers will comply with national provisions and agreements regarding working hours and regular, paid holidays.
  10. Environment: Yinlun TDI LLC International, LLC is ISO 14001 certified, Yinlun TDI LLC encourages the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies in all facets of our day-to-day business operations. Thermal Dynamics will support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and participate in and encourage initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. Suppliers will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will promptly develop and implement plans or programs to correct any non-compliant practices.
  11. Corruption and Ethics: Yinlun TDI LLC will work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. Yinlun TDI LLC will not offer or take receipt of any gift, loan, fee, reward or other advantage to or from any person as an inducement to do something which is dishonest, illegal or a breach of trust, in the conduct of the enterprise’s business, even in areas where it may be tolerated.
  12. Yinlun TDI LLC strictly adheres to all local and applicable U.S. laws and regulations, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and requires its suppliers to act in a similar manner. Yinlun TDI LLC expects business decisions to be made in the best interest of the Company. Any situation that creates or appears to create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the Company must be avoided.
  13. Community Initiatives: Our social initiatives are extended to the communities in which we operate. Yinlun TDI LLC seeks to give donations or sponsorships based on regional priorities. We do not give cash or support-in-kind to political parties or campaigns.
  14. Suppliers: Yinlun TDI LLC International, LLC expects its suppliers to introduce and implement equivalent principles in their own companies and their own supply chains. They must incorporate these principles as a basis for relations with Yinlun TDI LLC International, LLC. Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In this Code of Conduct, “applicable laws and regulations” include national and local laws, rules, codes and regulations as well as applicable treaties.