Yinlun TDI, LLC. Services is pleased to offer a range of Engineering and Design Solutions including Vehicle Climate Chamber testing with wind simulation. Chamber testing includes performance, cockpit heating/cooling, power train management, power train heating/cooling, as well as many custom options.

The Yinlun TDI, LLC. Vehicle Climate Chamber team is highly experienced and capable. We take pride in innovating and developing new vehicle thermal management technology, model designs, and measurement techniques executed at the highest standards.

Using the expertise from our Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA sites, we can respond to varied testing needs, complex requirements, and short turnarounds.

The team carries out the full end-to-end process of design, structural analysis, manufacture, and, of course, the operational various testing including our Vehicle Climate Chamber. We have a number of capable, experienced test personnel, who coordinate both our in-house tests and testing carried out at external facilities.

Applicability: Automotive | Off-Highway

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA

Design and technology

Equipment features Open test section for passenger cars, vans and light trucks
All drive system capable (front, rear, four-wheel and track)
Adjust wind simulation nozzle position and size
Vehicles can be pre-conditioned overnight
Driving programs Simulation of test drives
Fuel/battery consumption
Thermal management profiles
Environmental conditions Windshield De-icing test capable
Variable temperature and humidity profiles to simulate any seasonal condition

Performance features

Vehicle dimensions (max) 2.75m X 2.2m (H X W)
3.5m wheelbase
Wind speed (max) Passenger car 55mph
suv/van/light truck 40 mph
Temperature range -40 to 45 degrees Celsius
Humidity range up to 90 % RH

Dynamometer Specifications

Equipped with a Frenesla eddy brake and you are able to perform acceleration, step, sweep, and steady-state tests. View in real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds

AWD Dyno Specs:

  • Max Axle Weight: 6,500 lbs.
  • Max HP: 2250+
  • Max Speed: 175+mph
  • Track Range: 16” – 86”
  • Wheelbase: 96” – 136”

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