Yinlun TDI LLC utilizes the latest in computer aided design software to ensure our products meet the most stringent requirements. For CAD and finite element analysis, engineers use computer programs like SolidWorks and Catia. Customer Centers, made up of individuals from various disciplines, evaluate our products and processes by using common potential problem analysis tools. All of our advanced product quality planning documents are tied together with the use of relational data base software. Interactive web sites are used to track open issues and communicate updates with our customers and suppliers.

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Testing Capability

Thermal Dynamics has a state of the art component wind tunnel for performance and pressure drop testing of heat exchangers at various operating parameters. Our in-house capabilities also include common durability tests like burst, pressure cycle and fitting torque. Being located in Southern California in the heart of the aerospace industry allows us to utilize any number of outside test service laboratories for just about any test requirement that can be thought of.

  • Burst Testing
  • Calorimeter Airflow Measurements
  • Calorimeter Liquid Measurements
  • Calorimeter Measurements
  • Environmental Chamber
  • External Corrosion
  • Internal Cleanliness/Contamination
  • Internal Erosion/Corrosion Testing
  • Microscopic Analysis
  • Oil/Glycol Pressure Cycle
  • Thermal Cycle