TDI offers a full range of copper and aluminum round tube & fin engine oil coolers providing required heat rejection while limiting the impact of air flow to the radiator. Where space is limited or higher efficiency applications are required aluminum brazed plate fin can provide maximum heat rejection in the least amount of space. Stainless steel and aluminum in-tank coolers can be integrated into any radiator tank for any water-to-oil applications.

TDI manufactures air-to-oil and water-to-oil heat exchangers in copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Round tube & fin and aluminum brazed plate-fin heat exchangers provide excellent performance and durability. Aluminum and stainless steel in-tank oil coolers can be integrated into the radiator tanks to provide the required heat rejection within the coolant circuit saving valuable space in front of the radiator.

TDI makes a complete line of copper and aluminum air-to-oil and aluminum and stainless steel water-to-oil heat exchangers to meet any transmission cooling requirement. Air-cooled applications can use our standard round tube & fin or aluminum brazed plate-fin when looking when looking to optimize performance and package space. All air cooled heat exchangers can have an optional electric fan. Coolant cooled applications have several options; aluminum or stainless steel in-tank, Integral cooler or remote cooler to meet any of your package/performance requirements.

Diesel fuel cooling can be accomplished using our standard round tube & fin or our brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger designs. All options can include an integral DC fan for remote mounting.

Our standard round tube & fin or aluminum brazed Therm-Hx plate-fin heat exchangers are ideal for cooling in the fluid power market. These coolers are designed for high operating pressure and long life. All heat exchangers have an electric or hydraulic fan option.