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Forklift Driver (Morton, IL, USA)
Material Handler (Morton, IL, USA)
Quality Engineer (Ontario, CA, USA)
Quality Technician (Morton, IL, USA)

Why Join Yinlun TDI?

It’s the collective energy of our employees with diverse strengths and skills achieving a single vision: to be the most valued provider of revenue recovery and outsourcing solutions for our large portfolio of clients.

It’s knowing that we offer the types of benefits that work for you, your family, your situation and your life.

It’s our Core Values upon which we perform our work and carry our daily tasks and responsibilities.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Maximum Effort

It’s about the fun, encouraging atmosphere that pervades everything to make working at Yinlun TDI LLC more than a job.


  • Medical – Through our group insurance plan, Yinlun TDI LLC pays at least 70% of the premium for Cigna OAP and OAPIN. To be eligible, employees must complete 30 days of full-time employment.
  • Dental – Through our group insurance plan, Yinlun TDI LLC offers Cigna Dental Insurance. To be eligible, employees must complete 30 days of full-time employment.
  • Vision – Through our group insurance plan, Yinlun TDI LLC offers Cigna VSP Vision Insurance. To be eligible, employees must complete 30 days of full-time employment
  • Flex Spending- Discovery Benefits; If you have traditional medical insurance, you’ll use a regular Health FSA for things like coinsurance, prescriptions, and medical equipment.
  • CIGNA life Insurance – To be eligible, employees must complete 30 days of full-time employment. Thermal Dynamics pays 75%. Employee long term disability insurance- Thermal Dynamics pays 35%.

Participation is entirely voluntary. To be eligible, employees must be at least 21 years of age and commence immediately. However you employee does not complete an decline of coverage, Yinlun TDI LLC will automatically enroll employee. Once enrolled, Yinlun TDI LLC matches 100% on the first 3% of the participant’s compensation.

Our industry-competitive vacation schedule means you do not have to wait to complete one year of service before enjoying a little time off – you’re eligible for vacation after completing 90 days of full-time employment as the days are earned!

40 hours of paid sick time each year that is front loaded in two parts- January 1, 24 hours, and July 1, 16 hours of sick or after 90 days of continue employment you will receive 24 hours.

Yinlun TDI LLC utilizes a training program that has proven to make people successful in the industry. You will find that each department has clearly defined career path prerequisites that make preparing for a successful career only as limited as your own drive. We develop people to lead our industry.

Employee development is a key Yinlun TDI LLC core value. This can range from honing skills in a current position to preparing for career advancement within the company.

Our company-sponsored continuing education courses for support staff impart valuable skills for career development and growth at Yinlun TDI LLC. You’ll apply your classroom knowledge in everyday, real-world situations under the helpful eye of experienced mentors.

Our strategy for leading and developing people includes performance reviews, leadership development, employee development, and reward and recognition. This ongoing process aligns your goals with Yinlun TDI LLC’s goals while developing the required skills, knowledge and behaviors to meet present and future business needs.

In addition, Yinlun TDI LLC offers various internal internships where employees may intern in another department for a specified time period. This provides new skills and knowledge, leadership refinement and collaboration between departments.

It’s good business sense to help you understand our company, vision and strategy for achieving growth and performance goals. To help you understand the “big picture,” we’ve developed an extensive employee communications program, centered on an employee-only web site with links to job opportunities throughout the organization

Most employees will observe 8 national holidays each year including December 25 and New Year’s Day and four floating holidays. To be eligible for holiday pay, you must be on the active payroll on the day of the holiday and have completed 30 days of full-time employment, we also offer part-time employees half day of paid holidays.

Life. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, along comes a challenge. Whether your needs are big or small, your Life Assistance & Work/Life Support Program is there for you. It can help you and your family find solutions and restore your peace of mind.

Yinlun TDI LLC and Suppliers will uphold equal opportunities with respect to employment and will refrain from discrimination in any form unless national law expressly provides for selection according to specific criteria. Discrimination against employees based on gender, race, disability, origin, religion, age or sexual orientation is not acceptable.