TDI offers a full range of copper and aluminum round tube & fin engine oil coolers providing required heat rejection while limiting the impact of air flow to the radiator. Where space is limited or higher efficiency applications are required aluminum brazed plate fin can provide maximum heat rejection in the least amount of space. Stainless steel and aluminum in-tank coolers can be integrated into any radiator tank for any water-to-oil applications.

Our standard round tube & fin or aluminum brazed Therm-Hx plate-fin heat exchangers are ideal for cooling in the fluid power market. These coolers are designed for high operating pressure and long life. All heat exchangers have an electric or hydraulic fan option.

TDI supplies a variety of specialized radiators for off-highway applications in brazed aluminum constructions. Contact us for specific application assistance.

TDI is experienced in the design and manufacturing of charge air coolers. We produce the common air-air and the high efficient air-liquid intercoolers and intercooler radiator systems. Contact us for specific application assistance.