Yinlun TDI LLC manufactures several designs of brazed aluminum heat exchangers for light, medium and heavy duty applications. Plate fin for light to medium duty applications and our patented extruded tube product Therm-Hx for severe duty/military applications. Brazed aluminum can be used for transmission, engine, hydraulic, CAC and fuel cooling applications.

Yinlun TDI LLC manufacturers brazed aluminum plate, oval tube and bar/plate coolers. Plate/fin coolers are ideal for light and medium duty applications while oval tube and bar/plate designs are used primarily in medium and heavy duty applications. All designs can be used for engine oil, transmission oil, power steering oil, hydraulic oil, charge air and fuel cooling.

Part Number Flow Range Heat Rejection BTU/Hr
TDI – 15955DC 3 -14 8,300 – 9,200
TDI – 14344DC 10 – 40 16,000 – 17,500
TDI – 16277DC 10 – 50 41,000 – 44,600
TDI – 18192DC
DB – 6226-SF 10 – 40 78,000 – 94,000

Table assumes an ITD of 100°F